• Tsunahachi: Tempura
    Japan,  Tokyo

    Best Tempura Restaurant in Tokyo

    Looking for a traditional Japanese dish to taste? Why not try tempura? Consisting of batter-fried seafood and vegetables, tempura has a delicate, light and clean flavor, and it’s certainly a MUST to try while in Japan. If you’re in Tokyo, you can easily find restaurants serving tempura for a very cheap price pretty much anywhere. If, however, you aren’t too tight on your budget, you should try out Tsunahachi, which, in my experience, is definitely the best tempura restaurant in Tokyo! Why is Tsunahachi the best tempura restaurant in Tokyo? Tempura is my favorite Japanese food and I’ve tried it in several other restaurants, too. But, nowhere else did I…

  • Kabukiza Tokyo
    Japan,  Tokyo

    Experience Japan’s famous Kabuki in one act!

    Are you spending some time in Tokyo and would like to experience some traditional aspects of the Japanese culture? Why not head to Kabukiza Theater to enjoy a single act of the famous Kabuki drama? What is Kabuki? Kabuki is a traditional form of Japanese theater which originated back in the Edo period. Along with Noh and Bunraku, it’s been named “UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage”. What makes Kabuki unique is its highly stylized type of performance, which is based on exaggerated actions and movements. These movements are meant to help the audience understand the plot better and are accompanied by the lively sound of traditional instruments and chants. The elaborate…

  • abu dhabi
    Abu Dhabi,  UAE

    24 hours in Abu Dhabi: how to enjoy the perfect layover

    Direct flights are usually very convenient, but they can also be much more expensive than connecting ones, leaving you with the hard choice of picking between practicality and money. I recently faced this exact same alternative on my way back from Tokyo to Italy. In my case, giving priority to a cheap flight, I opted to fly with Etihad: from Tokyo to Abu Dhabi and then change to a connecting flight to Milan. That’s when the idea of a layover came to my mind. Abu Dhabi’s famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque had always been on my bucket list. And being just a few miles away from it, how could I…

  • Busan,  Seoul,  South Korea

    Discovering South Korea: best of my trip to Seoul & Busan!

    Before traveling to South Korea, I didn’t really have many expectations. I knew that Seoul is the high-tech capital of the country and that Koreans like their food very spicy. I knew that just like its neighbors, South Korea is a country rich in history and traditions (although this is probably true for any existing country on earth). But beyond these kinds of superficial facts, I didn’t really know much. The good thing about traveling without any expectations, however, is that you don’t waste time comparing what you see with what you have in your mind. You just enjoy the moment and appreciate everything you come across with more deeply.…

  • Charles Bridge Prague
    Czech Republic,  Prague

    Best of Prague: places that stole my heart in the Czech capital!

    Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, has won the heart of many traveling couples as one of the most romantic city escapes in Europe. Despite being there on my own, I couldn’t agree more. If Paris and Venice are contending the yearned title of city of love, Prague, with its Baroque and Gothic architecture and the magical atmosphere permeating the narrow lane of its Old Town, could undoubtedly challenge them both. If you don’t believe me, try going for a walk along the shores of the Vltava river at dusk. Try crossing the iconic Charles Bridge hand in hand with your loved one or enjoying the view of this beautiful…

  • Beijing,  China

    Exploring Beijing in 4 Days: day 2 to 4 itinerary

    My first day exploring Beijing started off amazingly. If you checked my recommended itinerary for day 1, then you already know I visited some of the most remarkable landmarks of China’s great capital. It was a very intense and exhausting day but I got the chance to see many beautiful places, as well as learn so many interesting facts about China’s millennial history and traditions. It was great and I didn’t know it back then, but the best part was yet to come! Here’s where I recommend you go for the remaining 3 days of your Beijing trip! Day 2: The Great Wall of China (Admission fee ¥40 + Shuttle Bus…

  • Beijing - Forbidden City
    Beijing,  China

    Exploring Beijing in 4 Days: Tips for the trip & first day itinerary

    Beijing, capital of the People’s Republic of China and the second most populous “city proper” in the world. With its urban area of 1,368 km2, it may discourage many from venturing to such a far distant place for a couple of days only. If you’re one of those unfortunate souls who can’t have more than 5-6 days off and you’re planning on exploring Beijing in 4 days, this might be the right article for you! The only requirement you need is being open to less conventional flight times and to a full-day itinerary with just a few breaks. Before talking about my recommended itinerary, however, here are 4 things you…