• Busan,  Seoul,  South Korea

    Discovering South Korea: best of my trip to Seoul & Busan!

    Before traveling to South Korea, I didnโ€™t really have many expectations. I knew that Seoul is the high-tech capital of the country and that Koreans like their food very spicy. I knew that just like its neighbors, South Korea is a country rich in history and traditions (although this is probably true for any existing country on earth). But beyond these kinds of superficial facts, I didnโ€™t really know much. The good thing about traveling without any expectations, however, is that you don’t waste time comparing what you see with what you have in your mind. You just enjoy the moment and appreciate everything you come across with more deeply.…

  • Gamcheon Culture Village
    Busan,  South Korea

    Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan’s artistic neighborhood

    When I actually started thinking about a trip to Korea, what I had in mind was a quick weekend in Seoul. It only takes a couple of hours by flight from Tokyo to the Korean capital and with plenty of LCC offering flights at convenient hours and cheap fares, the thought of a weekend trip abroad was something I had been fantasizing for a while.ย So I booked a late flight (or should I say a super early flight since it was scheduled to take off at 1 am!!) from Haneda airport to Seoul Incheon and started gathering information about all the places I could visit in a bit more than…