Burano and Murano in a day

Burano: Colorful Houses

Venice is one of the most famous and aspired destinations in the entire world! Most tourists, however, attempt to visit this Italian gem as part of a crammed one week trip which includes at the very least Milan, Florence, and Rome as well. They will certainly say they have been to Venice, but can they really say they have experienced the beauty of this magical city and its lagoon? Searching online, I keep coming across forums where tourists on a tight schedule ask if, while in Venice, they could visit Burano and Murano in a day and whether they should spare some time to do so.

Here’s my answer to their questions: ABSOLUTELY YES.

Why visit Burano and Murano in a day?

Burano: Colorful Houses

These two small islands are very easy to reach. It takes only about 20 minutes on board of a vaporetto (Venice’s waterbus) to get to Murano. You can then head to Burano directly from there by boarding Line 12 of the waterbus. Combining a trip to the two islands thus makes it the perfect day-trip.

Imagine two small-size versions of Venice but more colorful, a little bit less crowded, especially on a weekday, and with their own additional charms. How could you resist a chance to visit Burano and Murano?

First stop: Murano

My sister in Murano
My sister in Murano

Murano is the biggest of the two islands, the fastest to reach and also the most similar to Venice. Therefore, I suggest you head there first, walk around for a couple of hours and then spend the rest of the day in the most intriguing Burano.

Murano’s top charm is its beautiful and colorful glass. Scattered throughout the island, you can find glass furnaces, galleries, and shops where you can admire the intricate designs and patterns of Murano’s famous decorative glass. If you’re interested in learning more about Murano’s glassmaking, I strongly recommend you visit one of the local glass furnaces to experience a glass blowing demonstration.

Next? Burano

Burano: Colorful Houses

Burano is absolutely my favorite island in the Venetian Lagoon. I find it extremely picturesque, instagrammable, and the perfect spot to brighten your day. Burano is well-known for its magnificent and elegant lace. Burano’s art of lace dates back to the 16th century. If you’d like to know more about its history, why not visit Burano Lace Museum? The entrance fee only costs € 5.

Burano: Colorful Houses

But, what I love the most about Burano is the stunning and bright colors of its architecture. The island’s homes are an explosion of pigments! Each house is painted in vivid tones, and altogether the entire village creates a fascinating landscape that will surely make you smile. Certainly, the best way to enjoy the view is by strolling around the many colorful alleys while soaking up the atmosphere.

Burano: narrow alley

Are you wondering why these pretty homes are so colorful? According to local stories, the houses were painted in different, bright shades so that fishermen could recognize their own and find their way home on foggy days. Amazing, isn’t it?

Burano: Colorful Houses

How to get to Murano from Venice:

  • From Fondamenta Nove: Board Line 4.1 or 4.2 of the waterbus and get off in any of the stops in Murano (about 20 minutes). Alternatively, you can board Line 12 which will take you to Murano Faro in less than 10 minutes.
  • From Piazzale Roma/Stazione: Board Direct Line 3 and get off in any of the stops in Murano (about 17 minutes). Alternatively, you can board Line 4.1.

How to get to Burano from Murano:

  • From Murano Faro board Line 12 and get off in Burano (about 37 minutes)

You can get a 1-day Tourist Travel Card for about € 20. This ticket includes unlimited travel on any waterbus (except Line 6 and 19, the Alilaguna and Casinò services). It may sound pricy, but it will still save you a few coins if you consider that a single 75-minute waterbus ticket costs € 7.50.

My sister and I visiting Burano and Murano in a day

Time to enjoy Burano and Murano in a day!

Have fun, and, if you still have questions, feel free to comment below.