Best Tempura Restaurant in Tokyo

Tsunahachi: Tempura

Looking for a traditional Japanese dish to taste? Why not try tempura? Consisting of batter-fried seafood and vegetables, tempura has a delicate, light and clean flavor, and it’s certainly a MUST to try while in Japan. If you’re in Tokyo, you can easily find restaurants serving tempura for a very cheap price pretty much anywhere. If, however, you aren’t too tight on your budget, you should try out Tsunahachi, which, in my experience, is definitely the best tempura restaurant in Tokyo!

Why is Tsunahachi the best tempura restaurant in Tokyo?

Tempura is my favorite Japanese food and I’ve tried it in several other restaurants, too. But, nowhere else did I find my tempura-tasting experience so enjoyable as in Tsunahachi. Here’s what I loved the most about Tsunahachi.

Restaurant Atmosphere

Tsunahachi offers its guests a warm and charming atmosphere in which to enjoy their meal. Certainly, the best way to experience it fully is to seat at the counter and appreciate the captivating sight of the chefs mastering the art of the perfect tempura!

A varied and extensive menu

Tsunahachi, best tempura restaurant in Tokyo: tempura set

You have the chance to pick among different sets (whose price ranges from ¥ 4,000 to ¥ 6/7,000 for a dinner, but even much less for lunch), and, if what’s included is still not enough for you, you can always ask for additional delicacies. There’s so much that you can choose that you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Taste and Texture

Tsunahachi, best tempura restaurant in Tokyo: Kakiage

Tsunahachi’s tempura tastes amazing! Whether it is seafood or vegetables, each piece you try will be soft but crispy at the same time. All ingredients are fresh and carefully selected, and you can definitely taste the high-quality of the food.

Besides being, in my opinion, the best tempura restaurant in Tokyo, Tsunahachi also offers one of the most tasteful and unique Miso soups I’ve ever tasted. The many tiny clams that come with it give this Miso soup a special flavor.


Tsunahachi: Matcha-flavor tempura ice-cream
Best Matcha-flavor tempura ice cream

My favorite part of the menu? The dessert! Make sure you don’t miss out on Tsunahachi’s famous tempura ice cream! Being obsessed with matcha (Japanese green tea), I definitely had to order a matcha-flavor one. If I had to describe it in one word, it would be heavenly!


Tsunahachi, best tempura restaurant in Tokyo: tempura set

The service is impeccable. And, considering Japan’s high standards for quality service, I really mean it! The restaurant definitely pays attention to the slightest detail. Even ordering a set is much more than a basic experience.

Some more info about Tsunahachi, the best tempura restaurant in Tokyo.

Tsunahachi: chef working

Tsunahachi has several stores located throughout Tokyo. I’ve been to the one located in Shinjuku, and the one in Shinagawa, but I’m pretty sure all of them offer the same quality. So, feel free to pick the most convenient location for you!

The restaurant is very popular, so I encourage you to reserve a table in advance if you want to avoid waiting in line. And trust me, the line is always long. After all, in Japan, long lines are indicative of something worth waiting for, and a meal at Tsunahachi definitely is.

Enjoy your tempura!