• Tsunahachi: Tempura
    Japan,  Tokyo

    Best Tempura Restaurant in Tokyo

    Looking for a traditional Japanese dish to taste? Why not try tempura? Consisting of batter-fried seafood and vegetables, tempura has a delicate, light and clean flavor, and it’s certainly a MUST to try while in Japan. If you’re in Tokyo, you can easily find restaurants serving tempura for a very cheap price pretty much anywhere. If, however, you aren’t too tight on your budget, you should try out Tsunahachi, which, in my experience, is definitely the best tempura restaurant in Tokyo! Why is Tsunahachi the best tempura restaurant in Tokyo? Tempura is my favorite Japanese food and I’ve tried it in several other restaurants, too. But, nowhere else did I…

  • Visiting Ise Jingu
    Gifu & Mie Prefectures,  Japan

    Tasty Snacks: what to try in Gifu and Mie prefectures! (Part 2)

    For those who missed Part 1 of this trip, here’s what happened in short. I visited my friend Yumi in her hometown and, on the first day, she brought me to visit two famous spots in Gifu prefecture, Shirakawa-go, and Takayama. How could I best describe our nice journey? Historical spots, loads of laughs and many tasty snacks to fill up our stomachs! Curious about what happened next? Here’s how the weekend continued! After the long day, a relaxing night bath at the amazing onsen (Japanese hot springs) of Nagashima Spa Resort, and good sleep in a comfortable futon were all that I needed to recharge my batteries! And in…

  • Kyoto's authentic street-food at Nishiki Market.
    Japan,  Kyoto

    Affordable meal experience in Kyoto!

    Japan is very much renowned for its delicious healthy cuisine, to the point that the so-called “Nihon ryori” (Japanese cuisine) came to be a designated part of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. This comes as no surprise considering the great regional variety of Japanese dishes, the emphasis on seasonal ingredients and the importance of food in the local culture. While tasting the authentic and traditional “Kaiseki ryori” (traditional multi-course Japanese meal rigorously cooked in accordance with the season) is undoubtedly a sensational experience that must be tried out at least once during your trip to Japan, I admit that restaurants serving this famous haute cuisine usually have prohibitive prices, especially if you’re…