• Tsunahachi: Tempura
    Japan,  Tokyo

    Best Tempura Restaurant in Tokyo

    Looking for a traditional Japanese dish to taste? Why not try tempura? Consisting of batter-fried seafood and vegetables, tempura has a delicate, light and clean flavor, and it’s certainly a MUST to try while in Japan. If you’re in Tokyo, you can easily find restaurants serving tempura for a very cheap price pretty much anywhere. If, however, you aren’t too tight on your budget, you should try out Tsunahachi, which, in my experience, is definitely the best tempura restaurant in Tokyo! Why is Tsunahachi the best tempura restaurant in Tokyo? Tempura is my favorite Japanese food and I’ve tried it in several other restaurants, too. But, nowhere else did I…

  • gala yuzawa
    Japan,  Niigata Prefecture

    Gala Yuzawa: Enjoy a day trip skiing in Niigata!

    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, I may earn a small commission. You can read my full disclaimer here. Winter season is finally here! What about planning a day trip skiing or snowboarding somewhere not too far from Tokyo? Whether you’re an expert or just a beginner and have a passion for winter sports, Gala Yuzawa Resort in Niigata prefecture is the place to go! Gala Yuzawa Resort Conveniently served by the Shinkansen bullet train, the resort is easily accessible from Tokyo. In less than 1 hour and 30 minutes (departing from Tokyo Station), you’ll leave the tall skyscrapers and busy streets…

  • Kabukiza Tokyo
    Japan,  Tokyo

    Experience Japan’s famous Kabuki in one act!

    Are you spending some time in Tokyo and would like to experience some traditional aspects of the Japanese culture? Why not head to Kabukiza Theater to enjoy a single act of the famous Kabuki drama? What is Kabuki? Kabuki is a traditional form of Japanese theater which originated back in the Edo period. Along with Noh and Bunraku, it’s been named “UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage”. What makes Kabuki unique is its highly stylized type of performance, which is based on exaggerated actions and movements. These movements are meant to help the audience understand the plot better and are accompanied by the lively sound of traditional instruments and chants. The elaborate…

  • Zamami Island
    Japan,  Okinawa

    Unspoiled beaches and marine paradise: a trip to Zamami Island

    Any travel destination has its own unique charm to me so that wherever I go, I easily fall in love with anything I see. A bustling city, the remote and idyllic countryside, green and lush mountains, or a deserted beach far away from any sign of civilization. All these places are so different and yet, in their own uniqueness, they manage to touch my heart and make me feel like I’m one of the luckiest people on earth, just for being able to travel there. But despite my tendency to love every single place I visit, there is nothing that I love more than the pristine beauty of small islands.…

  • Visiting Ise Jingu
    Gifu & Mie Prefectures,  Japan

    Tasty Snacks: what to try in Gifu and Mie prefectures! (Part 2)

    For those who missed Part 1 of this trip, here’s what happened in short. I visited my friend Yumi in her hometown and, on the first day, she brought me to visit two famous spots in Gifu prefecture, Shirakawa-go, and Takayama. How could I best describe our nice journey? Historical spots, loads of laughs and many tasty snacks to fill up our stomachs! Curious about what happened next? Here’s how the weekend continued! After the long day, a relaxing night bath at the amazing onsen (Japanese hot springs) of Nagashima Spa Resort, and good sleep in a comfortable futon were all that I needed to recharge my batteries! And in…

  • Gifu & Mie Prefectures,  Japan

    Tasty Snacks:  what to try in Gifu and Mie prefectures! (Part 1)

    One of the best things that could happen to you while living abroad is having local friends. Why? The answer is very simple. They can show you around and teach you amazing facts about their own culture that you would have never had the chance to know otherwise. But most of all, your local friends are experts of the local cuisine, meaning that you will experience some of the most delicious and tasty snacks and meals by their side. This is obviously a dream for a food lover like me. I always try to challenge myself into tasting new dishes and flavors. Of course, I can also be a bit…

  • Japan,  Tokyo

    Beautiful Parks and Gardens in Tokyo!

    Tokyo, one of the biggest metropolis on earth and, with no doubt, the most populated one. Ads and huge tv screens anywhere, sparkling lights, skyscrapers, Shibuya’s famous scramble crossing, fast (not to mention punctual) bullet trains. These are only some of the images that likely cross people’s minds when they try to picture this modern city. It thus comes as a surprise to many that Tokyo is actually full of greeneries. Indeed, many beautiful parks and gardens can be found scattered around the city. These areas become the “sacred” place for both visitors and residents alike to take a break from the grey landscape of Tokyo’s architecture. Parks offer a…

  • Mt. Nokogiri Big Buddha
    Japan,  Tokyo

    Tokyo escape: 2 great day-trip adventures from Japan’s busiest city!

    Big city life? A curse for many, a blessing for others. As for me, I love the exciting life a metropolis like Tokyo can offer. I love all the comforts that this amazing city provides me with. I love being able to go anywhere I want thanks to the incredible public transportation system, I love being able to go grocery shopping late at night, and above all, I love the huge amount of options I have on weekends. Between all the museums, shopping malls, exhibitions, theaters, events and shops (including all those weird but funny stores you could never find anywhere else but in Japan), I could literally do something…

  • Kyoto's authentic street-food at Nishiki Market.
    Japan,  Kyoto

    Affordable meal experience in Kyoto!

    Japan is very much renowned for its delicious healthy cuisine, to the point that the so-called “Nihon ryori” (Japanese cuisine) came to be a designated part of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. This comes as no surprise considering the great regional variety of Japanese dishes, the emphasis on seasonal ingredients and the importance of food in the local culture. While tasting the authentic and traditional “Kaiseki ryori” (traditional multi-course Japanese meal rigorously cooked in accordance with the season) is undoubtedly a sensational experience that must be tried out at least once during your trip to Japan, I admit that restaurants serving this famous haute cuisine usually have prohibitive prices, especially if you’re…

  • Morning walk around Gion area
    Japan,  Kyoto

    5 Must-See Places in Kyoto

    When I started this blog, I had so many ideas in mind. There are actually so many things that I’d like to share about my experiences and all the places I visited, and picking which one to start with can be very hard. But since my sister recently came to visit me and we traveled together to Kyoto, that’s when the idea hit me: starting off my blog talking about one of the cities I love the most and where I had the privilege of spending about 6 months of my life seemed like the right way to go. But again, there’s an infinite number of things I could say…