Tokyo escape: 2 great day-trip adventures from Japan’s busiest city!

Mt. Nokogiri Big Buddha

Big city life? A curse for many, a blessing for others.
As for me, I love the exciting life a metropolis like Tokyo can offer. I love all the comforts that this amazing city provides me with. I love being able to go anywhere I want thanks to the incredible public transportation system, I love being able to go grocery shopping late at night, and above all, I love the huge amount of options I have on weekends. Between all the museums, shopping malls, exhibitions, theaters, events and shops (including all those weird but funny stores you could never find anywhere else but in Japan), I could literally do something different any single moment I have some free time.
And yet, sometimes I also feel the need to run away, take a day-trip, the need to go somewhere in the middle of nowhere and breathe the fresh air of the ocean or of the countryside, the need to be on my own and not surrounded by crowds of people!

That’s how I started looking for some day-trip adventures that I could take from Tokyo to have a nice break from the city once in a while. That’s how I found two of my favorite hiking trips, ideal for those who just like me are not expert hikers but want to relax in nature and at the same time discover some cultural spot.

Here are my 2 recommendations!

2 Great hiking spots near Tokyo

Mt. Takatori

Located in the Kanagawa prefecture, less than an hour away from Tokyo, Mt. Takatori will surprise you with its natural beauty and historical relevance.

Mt. Nokogiri

View of Hell Mt. Nokogiri

Along the coast of Chiba prefecture lies Mt. Nokogiri, the so-called “saw mountain” due to the unique shape of its rocks. Just like Mt. Takatori, this area is rich in both natural and cultural beauty and it will amaze you with its stunning landscape!

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Easy Hiking Adventures Around Tokyo