• Kyoto's authentic street-food at Nishiki Market.
    Japan,  Kyoto

    Affordable meal experience in Kyoto!

    Japan is very much renowned for its delicious healthy cuisine, to the point that the so-called “Nihon ryori” (Japanese cuisine) came to be a designated part of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. This comes as no surprise considering the great regional variety of Japanese dishes, the emphasis on seasonal ingredients and the importance of food in the local culture. While tasting the authentic and traditional “Kaiseki ryori” (traditional multi-course Japanese meal rigorously cooked in accordance with the season) is undoubtedly a sensational experience that must be tried out at least once during your trip to Japan, I admit that restaurants serving this famous haute cuisine usually have prohibitive prices, especially if you’re…

  • Morning walk around Gion area
    Japan,  Kyoto

    5 Must-See Places in Kyoto

    When I started this blog, I had so many ideas in mind. There are actually so many things that I’d like to share about my experiences and all the places I visited, and picking which one to start with can be very hard. But since my sister recently came to visit me and we traveled together to Kyoto, that’s when the idea hit me: starting off my blog talking about one of the cities I love the most and where I had the privilege of spending about 6 months of my life seemed like the right way to go. But again, there’s an infinite number of things I could say…