• abu dhabi
    Abu Dhabi,  UAE

    24 hours in Abu Dhabi: how to enjoy the perfect layover

    Direct flights are usually very convenient, but they can also be much more expensive than connecting ones, leaving you with the hard choice of picking between practicality and money. I recently faced this exact same alternative on my way back from Tokyo to Italy. In my case, giving priority to a cheap flight, I opted to fly with Etihad: from Tokyo to Abu Dhabi and then change to a connecting flight to Milan. That’s when the idea of a layover came to my mind. Abu Dhabi’s famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque had always been on my bucket list. And being just a few miles away from it, how could I…

  • Main hall of Bao'an Temple
    Taipei,  Taiwan

    The ultimate list of Taipei’s most fascinating temples

    When many think of undertaking a trip to Asia, their minds probably wander off to the immense rice paddy terraces of China, the idyllic beaches of Thailand, or the charming cherry blossoms of Japan. What they rarely imagine is to travel to Taiwan, the island off the shore of mainland China, officially known as the Republic of China. Despite being maybe one of the most underrated travel destinations in Asia, the country and its vibrant capital are easily accessible from all the main Asian hubs. After spending 4 days exploring Taipei’s most fascinating temples, I must say this country most definitely deserves greater attention: it’s easy to reach, it’s fun, it’s beautiful…