Best of Prague: places that stole my heart in the Czech capital!

Charles Bridge Prague

Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, has won the heart of many traveling couples as one of the most romantic city escapes in Europe. Despite being there on my own, I couldn’t agree more.
If Paris and Venice are contending the yearned title of city of love, Prague, with its Baroque and Gothic architecture and the magical atmosphere permeating the narrow lane of its Old Town, could undoubtedly challenge them both.

If you don’t believe me, try going for a walk along the shores of the Vltava river at dusk. Try crossing the iconic Charles Bridge hand in hand with your loved one or enjoying the view of this beautiful city from the back of Strahov Monastery together!


Considering that Prague managed to convey this feeling of romanticism and sentimentality to me when I was traveling solo, imagine what it could do to a young couple in love!

Prague, a city to fall in love with!

But Prague is not only perfect for lovebirds. It’s also a great destination for any type of travelers, including solo travelers like me!

Here’s a photographic collection of all the places and views that stole my heart in this stunning city!

Charles Bridge


This 16 arch stone bridge dates back to the 15th century and it’s decorated with several statues. The iconic symbol of Prague is one of the most famous, scenic and picturesque sights of the Czech capital.

Lennon Wall

john lennon wall

An explosion of colors in the form of graffiti. The landmark of Prague’s artistic scene, this John Lennon inspired street art is filled with positive and empowering messages.

Strahov Library

Strahov Library

The two magnificent baroque halls with their amazing painted ceilings left me speechless. Taking a glimpse of this old library I felt as if I was suddenly being brought back in time.

View over the city from Petřín Hill


On my way to Petřín Tower, I stumbled across this stunning view over the city.

Old Jewish cemetery

I visited it early in the morning so I could mostly be on my own. One of the oldest in Europe, this graveyard is probably the most important Jewish historical site in Prague. It can be accessed from the Pinkas Synagogue, which today is a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.

Old Town

Old Town

The oldest part of the city, Staré Město (Old Town) is also the most beautiful district. I loved getting lost through the many traditional lanes of this area and I particularly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the old town square!

Dancing House

dancing house

One of the most interesting buildings I’ve ever seen. Most of all, I love the concept behind it, as it seems to represent a man and a woman dancing together. Beautiful!

What are you all waiting for? Book a ticket to Prague and enjoy an amazing weekend in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe!