• Florida,  USA

    Amazing things to experience in Key West

    If you are planning to visit South Florida, you should venture to the Florida Keys, a group of islands, forming the southernmost point of the USA and linked to the continent by the panoramic Overseas Highway. These beautiful islands are blessed with a diverse ecosystem that treasures unique exotic plants and animals, and a vibrant coral reef. Not surprisingly, they are a popular attraction for those constantly in search of a retreat in a tropical paradise. Drive all the way down to Key West, the southernmost island, and enjoy its one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Here are some amazing things to experience in Key West! Dolphin Watch Tour by Honest Eco®  Walking around…

  • Florida,  USA

    Vizcaya Museum & Gardens: a throwback to the past

    Would you like to experience a little bit of Europe while in Miami? Then, you should definitely visit Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, a Renaissance-inspired villa overlooking Biscayne Bay. In a moment, you’ll feel like you have suddenly been teleported to a 16th-century European estate, but with a tropical background. The stark contrast between this architecture and what you are used to seeing anywhere else in Miami will surely impress you! A bit of history on Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Once the winter estate of Chicago businessman James Deering, Vizcaya and its beautiful gardens were built between 1914 and 1922. The complex originally consisted of 180 acres, including the Main House,…

  • Florida,  USA

    Morning walk through the Wynwood Art District – Miami

    One of the most instagrammable attractions of Miami, the artistic neighborhood of Wynwood will steal your heart with its colorful murals. Since the late 1990s, this former industrial district was brought back to life, redeveloped and turned into the most vibrant and creative area of the city. The once abandoned warehouses and factories became art studios, galleries, and restaurants. Artists moved in and Wynwood was converted into the center of fashion, design, art, innovation, and creativity. Today, the Wynwood Art District is a remarkably unique location in Miami, one that you can’t leave out of your itinerary if you’re in town. Visit the Wynwood Walls! I love street art. Having heard…

  • tumon bay view from hotel

    Five things you shouldn’t forget on your trip to Guam

    Planning a trip can be quite tricky, especially when you pick your destination last minute! You might think that you still have lots of time to plan everything and then, sooner than you expected, you find yourself checking in at the airport, ready to board, wondering if you forgot to do something or to bring some important stuff. Well, this description absolutely applies to me on my trip to Guam. I’m usually an extremely well-organized person, I always double check that I have everything I need and also try to plan everything (or almost) I want to do on my trip quite in advance. Now, since I epically failed this…

  • Tumon Beach Guam

    Best of Guam: 4-day getaway trip!

    Guam, one of the places I never thought I would find myself going to. And yet here I am on a 4-day getaway trip, lying on an idyllic beach, the crystal clear water of Tumon Bay in front of me. Words are not enough to describe how I’m feeling right now. If I had ever felt a bit stressed, now that feeling is long gone, leaving way just to an overwhelming sense of peace. I’m not surprised many, especially from Japan, China and South Korea, pick Guam as their escape destination, or even more, as their wedding destination. After all, it seems like being in a paradise on earth. Despite…