HOTEL COTE COUR: the Beijing stay of your dreams!

Hotel Cote Cour Review

I rarely post about hotels I’ve been to, but Hotel Cote Cour in Bejing is most definitely worth a great review! So why not writing one directly on my personal blog?

Beijing offers an infinite number of accommodation options, from budget hostels to more luxurious hotels, and it is thus very easy to find the perfect place that fits your needs and travel style.

When we picked Beijing for our next trip, we wanted to feel the city vibes of China’s capital, but at the same time, we didn’t want to miss the chance to experience a more traditional atmosphere which, in the case of modern cities, is often hidden behind the many tall buildings and shopping malls.
That is why when looking for a place to stay, I rejected the idea of staying at one of those luxurious palace-style hotels, with hundreds and hundreds of rooms and a mesmerizing lobby worthy of a king’s palace.

What I had in mind was something more intimate, classic and authentic, where, at the same time, we could have a comfortable stay. That’s when I came across Hotel Cote Cour on, and, as you can imagine, since I’m writing this review, it was love at first sight!

A magical stay at Hotel Cote Cour

Period: Nov.23-Nov.26 2017
Room Type: Standard King Room
Type of Travel: Couple


Hotel Cote Cour is a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of a 500 years old hutong area. With its classical Chinese architecture and delightful decorations, the property blends in magnificently with its surroundings, offering its customers the chance to truly feel the charms of China’s rich traditions and culture. This while at the same time enjoying everything that this vibrant city has to offer.

Hotel Cote Cour Review

Refurbished in 2016, the hotel provides both the allure of an authentic stay of a traditional Chinese accommodation, combined with all the modern comforts one may need.
Its 12 rooms overlook a small inner courtyard, at whose heart you can find a gorgeous goldfish pond topped by a statue of Buddha.

Hotel Cote Cour Review

The dining room is situated on the second floor and, just like all the recreational spaces, is decorated in a tasteful manner with elements of contemporary art.

Hotel Cote Cour Review


The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Beijing.
Wangfujing Pedestrian Street can be easily reached with just a 15 minutes walk, while the famous Forbidden City is only 30 minutes away on foot.
The hotel is also easily accessible by using public transportation, with Dongsi and Dengshikou subway stations located just 10 minutes walk from there.

Hotel Cote Cour Review


The hotel aims at making its customers feel at home. From the intimate and cozy atmosphere of the dining area to the friendly staff who’s always ready to help with a big smile.

Customizing your trip is also very easy thanks to the tour desk service provided at the reception.
Here’s a few detailed information on what they did for us:

★ Our flight landed super early in the morning, around 5 am. Despite the early time, we could easily arrange to be picked up at the airport.

★ Our driver was very friendly and could speak a bit of English. This was essential when, upon landing, I tried to withdraw money from the ATM but ended up having some card issues. Without thinking twice, he helped us and didn’t rush us at all.

★ At 7 am we were dropped off at the hotel. The reception was obviously still closed but we were served tea and coffee while we waited in the lounge. A cute cat was keeping us company.

Hotel Cote Cour Review

★ We were very lucky, prior guests checked out very early on the day we arrived. Amazingly, the hotel staff cleaned up our room and made it available for us immediately, despite check in time started from 3 pm. That honestly SAVED US since we were extremely tired from a late flight. We were able to rest a bit, take a quick shower, have breakfast and by 9.30 we were well rested and ready for our first day of exploration.

Hotel Cote Cour Review

★ Breakfast is amazing and it’s included in the price of your room! You are served a set plate, which is a mix of modern and traditional Chinese cuisine, and, in addition to that, you can serve yourself at the small buffet, where you can find the usual fruit, toasted bread, jam, yogurt and so on. Too bad we didn’t have the chance to try the restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Hotel Cote Cour Review
Hotel Cote Cour Review

★ We reserved a taxi that could bring us to the Great Wall of China. The driver was the same who picked us up at the airport. After a comfortable and convenient 2 hour drive to Mutianyu area, he helped us buy the right tickets, gave us some information about the area and then showed us where he was going to wait for us. YES, we didn’t have to call or wait or be down by a certain time. We quietly enjoyed our visit to the Great Wall and once we were done, we just went back there and we found him right where he told us he would be, enjoying a card game with, I guess, his friends. The service is a bit expensive compared to a public taxi, but if you’re a couple who likes to take its time, without any rush and you highly value comfort over a cheap fare, I highly recommend it.

★ Whatever question we asked, the reception staff was ready to help and advise us on how to make the best out of our stay in Beijing. For example, we were looking forward to tasting the famous “Peking Duck”, a worldwide renowned delicacy of the Chinese cuisine. Having no idea what restaurant to go to, we decided to ask for some recommendation. We were advised Siji Minfu which is apparently one of the best in all Beijing. Well, needless to say, the restaurant lived up to its reputation.


Hotel Cote Cour Review

Here are my TOP favorite features of the hotel:

SERVICE: The friendly and smiling staff definitely made my experience in Beijing unforgettable. Everyone was ready to help us, whatever we needed. They kindly met all of our requests and needs to offer us the most comfortable stay possible.

COMFORT: Room and overall atmosphere of the hotel were perfect! I LOVED the peaceful and quiet courtyard. Whether you’re looking for an authentic, intimate place for a romantic getaway with your partner or a traditional retreat in the heart of a bustling city, this is the perfect fit.

Unfortunately, our stay was pretty short (just 4 days-3 nights), and I say unfortunately because I felt so comfortable there that I wish I could have stayed longer.

If you are planning your next trip to Beijing, you should definitely check it out. I promise you won’t regret it.
And don’t forget to share your fabulous experience with me!!!


Overall: 9.1
Location: 8
Facilities: 9
Service & Staff: 10
Cleanliness: 8
Breakfast: 9
Comfort: 10
Atmosphere: 10

*out of 10


Hotel Cote Cour Beijing
70 Yanyue Hutong, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100005
+86 10 6523 9598