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So here I am, writing my first entry on this brand-new blog.
I’d been thinking about this moment for a couple of years, but up until now, I’ve never really found the time (let alone the courage) to start this new project.

Looking up online, there are thousands of people doing the same, starting a blog or opening a youtube channel, some being more successful than others. But being a perfectionist like me, I’ve always been afraid of taking a leap in the dark, and always feared that my stories would fade if compared to all those amazing posts already available online. This fear held me from even trying, it held me from chasing one of my biggest dreams ever. I was giving up even before starting this journey when instead all I had to do was throw myself into this new challenge! After all, the biggest failure of all is not trying.

So what is it that changed my mind?

Having someone supporting and believing in me. Not that I didn’t before, but when I actually found the courage to open up about this idea I had in mind, I only got encouraging words from the people around me! Their advice? Doing it for myself, not for others, as a way to keep a record of my experiences, so that whatever I see and do in my life won’t be lost. And who knows, by doing so my adventures might even end up inspiring someone else! So who cares if it’s going to be just a single person reading this blog or many! What really matters is how I feel about what I’m doing! And honestly, when talking about travelling and different cultures, I feel great! So, why not give it a shot!

What does travelling mean to me?!

I’ve been passionate about discovering different places and cultures since I was a child. That’s what pushed me towards studying foreign languages in the first place. I remember I have always wondered how it is that people around the world are so different, yet the same?

With this in mind, I started feeling that I wanted to see and know more about all the different cultures that make up our beautiful world.

This feeling never faded throughout the course of my studies, and upon graduating, I decided to move to the opposite side of the world and take up the challenge of starting my career in a completely new and unfamiliar environment. I’ve to say I couldn’t have made a better decision!

Living and working in Japan has given me the chance to see places I could have never imagined, experience things, not to mention feelings, I could have only dreamt of a while ago! Of course, being a travel addict, my urge for travel adventures is never satisfied and I try to jump on the first flight I can, whenever I have some day off at work! Destination: randomly picked!

Sometimes people ask me: “Don’t you miss home?” Yes, I do, I love being home surrounded by my lovely family, but what I love the most is the feeling of getting out of my comfort zone and the excitement of coming across something new and unexpected every day of my life!

This might not actually be the usual “travel lifestyle” people have in mind when they think of a travel blog. I believe, however, it’s only a matter of perspective. To me, the idea of travelling is a never-ending journey through a different culture and its traditions, a never-ending feeling of discovering something new any single day of my life (including during a simple lunch break). In my own world, travel is much more than jumping from one place to another, it’s immersing yourself in what makes a place alive, which is its people, with their own way of seeing this world. This is what I learnt thanks to my life abroad, this is what I try to do anywhere I go.

So, why not write about my experiences abroad in this blog? Why not convey you my love for Japan and for any place I go to? Why not talk about my weekend getaways and short-journeys both within and outside of the country, my day-trips or my surprisingly interesting lunch breaks and nights out?

And who knows, if what I write could help some other travel souls like me get some inspiration, I would only be honoured!!

So let’s start this adventure together and, hopefully, my journeys and tips will catch your interest and will be a bit useful to anyone who’s reading this blog!

2 responses to “Travels & Me”

  1. Good luck with your knew virtual adventure. I’m so proud I can call you my friend! I’ll keep pace with your posts and share them with friends. I’m sure it’ll be a success, like everything you do! Big kisses from Italy


    1. Thank you Vale for your support! 🙂


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